How to Cook Perfect Tiramisu Italian dessert ala Teresa🇮🇹😍

Tiramisu Italian dessert ala Teresa🇮🇹😍.

Tiramisu Italian dessert ala Teresa🇮🇹😍

You can cook Tiramisu Italian dessert ala Teresa🇮🇹😍 using 13 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Tiramisu Italian dessert ala Teresa🇮🇹😍

  1. It’s of layers of round Sponge cakes(wheat flour, bought supermarket).
  2. It’s of Mascarpone cheese (in a pot or plastic container).
  3. You need of double Cream(delicious for whipping but high fat content).
  4. It’s of Condensed Milk (is very sweet).
  5. Prepare of Plunger (See image): to put.
  6. You need of Italian Coffee Medio(ltalian Medium Roast Ground Coffee) &.
  7. You need of ground Irish Cream coffee : put both in the Plunger.
  8. It’s of Hot water from the Kettle.
  9. It’s of soft brown sugar.
  10. It’s of Ghana Dark Chocolate, 72% Cocoa(See image): grate it to.
  11. Prepare of about 3 handfuls of grated Dark Chocolate.
  12. You need of Cacao powder to put on the tiny col- ander,shaking on top.
  13. It’s of of the grated Chocolate on both sponge.

Tiramisu Italian dessert ala Teresa🇮🇹😍 instructions

  1. Pre-warm first the Plunger by pouring 3cups boiling water, wait 8' to warm inside the plunger then, throw away the water. Then put 1 tbs medium strong Italian Coffee and 1 tbs ground Irish Cream for Plunger and add 3 cups boiling water or to fill up to the top. Let the coffee sits 20 minutes, then add 2 tbs soft brown sugar and stir. The coffee is pronta now.😚.
  2. In a small bowl put Mascarpone cheese, Double cream and Condensed milk (this has a lot of sugar so there's no need to add 1 tbs soft brown sugar into this mixture), mix all together with a big spoon until has a soft spreadable texture that making me easier to spread without scrabbling the underneath base. Set aside..
  3. About the two Sponge cake, place each in two flat plates.With a big spoon spread the coffee liquid and pour wet over the top surface of each Sponge cake 🙄.
  4. Next steps is to do 3 layers on top of each Sponge cake.The first topping layer: with a big spoon spread the Mascarpone cheese mixture on each top of both sponge cake. The second topping layer: with hand, sprinkle the grated dark Chocolate on top of Mascarpone cheese mixture, sprinkle evenly on both sponge cakes. The third topping layer:with a small colander sprinkle the Cacao powder over the Dark grated chocolate on both sponge cakes.🙄🤔.
  5. Gently with both hands hold the second Sponge cake and put it right above the first Sponge cake.😄 Put in fridge for 2 hrs before the guests shall arrive. For those who love the whipped Cream: whipped almost to peach form. Serving time: with a knife cut the two thiers sponge cake in 4, then with two spatula transfer one piece 🍰on individual plate, a put 2 Tbs whipped cream on the sides 😋.