How to Make Appetizing Gentles grin cocktail

Gentles grin cocktail.

Gentles grin cocktail

You can have Gentles grin cocktail using 4 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Gentles grin cocktail

  1. You need 30 ml of blue curacao(blue color).
  2. You need 30 ml of Grenadine,(red color).
  3. Prepare 30 ml of kalua coffee liqueur.
  4. Prepare 30 ml of baileys irish creme.

Gentles grin cocktail instructions

  1. Take a shot glass in this case 2glasses for variant colour.
  2. Pour 30ml of chilled Curacao in one and grenadine in the ither.
  3. In the one with Curacao, with the aid of the back of a spoon touching the inside of the glass.
  4. Gently pour the coffee liqueur on the spoon so that it slides unto the blue Curacao in the cup and sits on it.
  5. Note, this is based on the density of the two.
  6. Lastly still using the spoon and in place gently pour the baileys irish creme on the spoon too.
  7. It would sit on the coffee liqueur and so form.the 3 layers in the pictures.