Easiest Way to Make Appetizing Greek salad with avocado

Greek salad with avocado. This healthy Greek salad with added avocado and an easy-to-make Greek salad dressing is just the right recipe for simple no-cooking eats all summer long. This Greek salad with avocado is exactly what the doctor ordered. It's fresh, crunchy, tangy and above all, delicious.

Greek salad with avocado

Avocado adds a creamy texture to this Greek-inspired salad. Enjoy it on its own, serve it alongside grilled steak or burgers, or top it off with slices of grilled chicken to make it a meal. This Greek salad with avocado is the perfect make-ahead salad for potlucks, picnics, or BBQs. You can cook Greek salad with avocado using 11 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Greek salad with avocado

  1. You need of iceberg butterhead lettuce Cos , or.
  2. It’s of tomatoes cocktail.
  3. It’s of red onion.
  4. Prepare of avocado ripe.
  5. You need of black olives.
  6. You need of feta cheese.
  7. Prepare of lemon juice of a.
  8. It’s of Greek extra-virgin oil.
  9. Prepare of red wine vinegar.
  10. Prepare of pepper freshly ground.
  11. It’s of salt.

My mind is dreaming of summer, but there's still snow outside. Bet you didn't think it was possible to love avo more than guac. This is the most excited you'll ever be to eat a salad. How could it not when creamy avocado is involved?

Greek salad with avocado step by step

  1. Cut the lettuce into bite-size pieces. Cut cocktail tomatoes in half or quarters. Cut onions into thin rings..
  2. Cut avocado into strips and sprinkle with lemon juice immediately to prevent browning..
  3. Remove seeds and cut olives in half and feta cheese into cubes..
  4. Arrange all ingredients on plates..
  5. Mix the remaining lemon juice with the olive oil and red wine vinegar and drizzle it over the salad..
  6. Enjoy your meal..

Sure, guacamole is life, but these recipes will remind you that sometimes, cubing or. Creamy avocado adds a really nice touch to all the tanginess found in traditional Greek salads. Inspired from a recipe I saw on Chuck's Day Off (Cooking Channel). Great recipe for Greek salad with avocado. Greek salad is a popular classic dish.